The Tower of London

tower of london

The city of London is full of attractive places, especially for those tourists, who love to study history or love to visit historical places and want to explore such places. The Tower of London is a perfect place to pay a visit to.

Introduction and History

At the beginning of 11th century; nearly 1070, William (the conqueror) established the Tower of London, which was lately expanded in around 13th century. The modern shape of Tower of London is the expanded version of Tower of London. The famous attraction here in the tower is the renowned collection of the crown Jewels.

Collecting the historical scripts and information, we come to know that the Tower of London was built for the sole purpose to impose the strength of the Norman King, who conquered that land and wanted to give that land his name. Being located at the Thames, the actual form of the tower was just a wooden building, which was replaced to white tower lately. From time to time, the land for the tower was expanded and one by one, a total of 20 new towers were built to give the structure a powerful historical look. The current shape is the same extended version with 20 towers that we see today. Nowadays, the Tower of London is also known as Crown Jewels; however, that name used to be much disreputable to many political adversaries, who were killed or badly suffered in the Tower of London. Additionally, there was also a royal residence and according to some famous historical facts and figures and some scripts that numerous scholars study nowadays, many kings used to live there is the royal residence and found that land a place of peace.

White Tower

It has been researched that the oldest part of the fort is the white tower. Historical evidences state that the white tower was built and completed successfully around 1097. The length of the tower is around 27.4 to 27.6 meters which usually gives us the figures of the length in 90 ft, making white tower one of the tallest buildings in London. The name white was added when the tower was whitewashed in the supremacy of Henry III. The current appearance is the same whitewashed version of the tower. From that very time, the tower is normally known as “WHITE TOWER.”

Additional Towers

A further expansion was made in the same period during the supremacy of Henry III. Two more protective walls were built around the tower. These 2 walls were further added with 19 towers; thirteen of them were built adjacent to the first wall and six to the second one.

Beefeaters or Yeoman Warders

At the Byward Tower, there is the main entrance to the tower. Most of the people know about the Beefeaters or Yeoman Warders, but most of them don’t know where they’ll be found. At that main entrance, you’ll find the well-known Beefeaters or Yeoman Warders. They are source for protection of the tower and guidance to the new tourists and visitors.

Crown Jewels

The famous tourist attraction is the collection of Crown Jewels. These Crown Jewels have been displayed here since 17th century and tourists love to see them. It would not be wrong to say that these Crown Jewels are the main reason for the visit of most of the tourists to the Tower of London.

So, in a nutshell, the Tower of London—or shall we call it the Crown Jewels Tower—is one of the most attractive historical places in the London. So, if you’re planning to pay a visit to the top historical places in London, you must start with the Tower of London.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Madame Tussauds London

Believe it or not, London can be declared as an international hub for tourists from around the world. There are numerous places in London that can be visited; nevertheless, some places need to be visited as soon as possible. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is one such place. Founded by one of the illustrious wax sculptors Marie Tussaud, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum has branches in major cities with some of the finest wax sculptures of film artists, singers, royal figures, historians, athletes and some famous figures from different areas of day-to-day life. Being operated under the ownership tag of Merlin Entertainments, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum attracts a major proportion of all tourists that visit the United Kingdom annually.


Marie Tussaud—whose original name was Marie Grosholtz—was born in France in 1761. It was Dr. Philippe Curtis, who was a professional physician and had mastery in the field of wax modeling as well. The mother of Marie Tussaud used to work as a housekeeper in Dr. Philippe’s house, and from there, Dr. Philippe taught her skilled work of was modeling to Marie Tussaud. After that, she made the wax models of notable figures including that of Benjamin Franklin. She also worked hard to make the wax figures of executed citizens during the French Revolution. During this time, she was invited by a phantasmagoria pioneer “Paul Pioneer” to show her skills in London in 1802. From that very moment, Marie Tussaud tried to show her wax modeling skills in different places and theatres in London.

Notable Wax Figures Work

Madame Tussauds London

Marie Tussauds not only just completed wax models of famous artists; she did a splendid job in creating scenes from different famous serials and songs. It should be worth mentioning here that there is a special scene of Doctor Who serial “Spearhead from Space” in the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Nowadays, the administration of the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum has divided the wax figured into different categories.

In the Film category, notable wax figures of Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Brad Pitt, Taylor Lautner, Dame Helen Mirren, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp, Russell Brand, Robert Pattinson, Sherlock Holmes, Daniel Craig, E.T, Judi Dench, Charlie Chaplin, Bruce Willis, and Colin Firth have been added.

Another important category of the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is the “Bollywood Wax Figures Area.” Those who are fan of notable Bollywood stars can make their move to this gallery as well. The Bollywood area includes the famous wax figure of Legendry Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachan, Hritik Roshan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan. In actress category, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwariya Rai have been added.

In Super Heroes category, some of the best and the most famous wax figures of Super heroes have been added. This category includes Hawkeye, Captain America, Wolverine, Spider Man, The Hulk, Nick Fury, and Iron Man.

In World Leaders category, Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, Barrak Obama, David Cameron, Francois Hollande, Nelson Mandela, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Gandhi, and Vladimir Putin are on the top of the list.

One Direction at Madame Tussauds London

In Music category, teen’s heartthrob music band “One Direction” featuring Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson has been added. Beside One Direction, Adele, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna, Cheryl Cole, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson, and Kylie Minogue join the list.

In culture category, Albert Einstein, Charles Dickens, Pablo Picasso, and Madame Tussaud herself have been added.

In sports category, notable figures include the greatest heavyweight champion of all times Muhammad Ali, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Usain Bolt, Rafael Nadal, Tom Daley, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Sachin Tendulkar.

And last but not the least, the famous Royals category include the wax figures of famous royal personalities including The Queen, Duchess of Cambridge, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Charles, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry, and Lady Diana-the Princess of Wales.

In A Nutshell

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is worth a place that you should visit along with your family. And if you’re on a short tour to London, you should try to take out some time and must spend some of your time here with your famous superstars and favorites. If you’re coming all away from China, you must be happy to know that Madame Tussauds Wax Museum unveils the wax figures of famous actors Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan on the Chinese New Year. It would be better to have the deal including 40% off on visiting 4 iconic London attractions including that of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

New Year’s Eve in London: Where to Spend It

london eye new year's eve fireworks

Whether you’re a permanent resident of London, or you’re just visiting there as a visitor; New Year’s Eve is something very special to all the people. People love to do something different on New Year’s Eve in London. It is very much recommended that you—as a permanent resident or visitor of London—should try to plan out for something special. Always an attraction-grabbing place for tourists and local residents, London has all the charisma, beauty, comedy, and romance, burlesque to attract all the people for get-togethers, parties, night club powwows, and outstanding New Year’s fireworks.

How to Begin with:

Well, every celebration starts with a single point. Whether you’re a couple or a stag, you should find some very interesting attractions here in London on the New Year’s Eve. It should be noticed that Trafalgar Square is the main hub of get-together at New Year’s Eve. Although there is nothing much there to be displayed; nonetheless, there is a large screen to indulge everyone there to enjoy the best moments of fireworks at South bank of the capital.


As mentioned, the London’s New Year’s Eve starts off with a little firework display. This display is usually planned on the South Bank of the capital; however, it just last for around ten to twelve minutes. The major thing to notice about the fireworks is the large number of local residents and tourists who visit the capital every year. More than two and half million people gather to get all the fun out of this 10 minutes display of fireworks.

To get a perfect view of the fireworks, most of the people try to gather around the Westminster Bridge or ridge of the River Thames. This year (31st December 2013), it’s going to be multi-sensory display to make the view even more attractive. Moreover, the display will also be going to display with different fruit flavors. So, this would be something very interesting to view and it will be a “Not TO Miss” thing this time on the New Year’s Eve.

Calling all the Couples/Singles—Special Events in Clubs:

This Year’s Eve will be going to be something very special, as numerous clubs and Local/International Bars in London are planning to arrange some awe-inspiring events for couples as well as singles. This time, tickets for clubs and bars in the capital will be going to be a bit more expensive this time. To get all the fun out of the arrangements, you’re advised not to miss the advance tickets’ booking and ensure your presence in different eye-catching events in the clubs and bars.

Outdoor Banquet—Haven’t Planned out Yet for A Dine?

So, you’re planning to have an outstanding dine at New Year’s Eve. This is going to be a perfect chance to have your remarkable dinner with King Henry VIII. Yes, you’re right as you’ll be going to have a memorable dinner at the Medieval Banquet. Moreover, Bella Italia is going to have some perfect Italian food addition in their menu for Italian food lovers. Adding further, Planet Hollywood is arranging a mega hit party at a rate £50 per head. So, you—along with your spouse—can enjoy a hell out of all these dinning and get-together options.

In a nutshell, it’s going to be a “NOT TO MISS” New Year’s Eve for all the local residents and tourists in the capital. Fasten your seat belts and hurry up to get your advance booking for all the dinning and get-together options as the Special Eve is just to arrive within 24 – 30 hours from now.

The London Eye

london eye

London is an awe-inspiring place for tourists and a number of tourists visit London every year from around the globe. If truth to be told, tourists cannot go back to their homeland without visiting London Eye. London Eye—also known as the world’s largest wheel that can be viewed from 20 to 24 miles away. London Eye is also known as the best source in London to view all other well-known buildings of London including Westminster Abbey, Covent Garden and Buckingham Palace.

London Eye is being one of the most admired and favored place for many special occasions. Many people try to their full to organize their memorable events here at the London Eye. On top of its huge structure, visibility of other buildings and organization of different events, some imperative facts about London Eye are penned-down for your information:

• Most visitors per annum:

According to a recent survey, more than 3 and a half million tourists visit the giant wheel per year. Averaging this number of visitors per year, the London Eye beats the total number of visitors who visit Taj Mahal and other important wonders of the world. Isn’t it interesting? Off course it is.

• Speed of the giant Wheel is Awe-inspiring:

Another imperative rather interesting fact about the giant wheel is that it takes about thirty minutes per rotation and gives you more time to enjoy the scenic beauty of London and grab the attraction of all the important building and view around the London Eye. If you focus on its turns per year then you will be astonished to notice that it turns around 55,000 to 65, 000 times per annum.

• The Giant Wheel is Spacious:

It is also a noticeable fact that the London Eye can easily carry seven hundred to eight hundred people in a single turn. Averaging around sixty thousand turns per year, the London Eye carries around 480 lack people per year.

• The Height of the Giant Wheel is Quite Noticeable:

Believe it or not, the big wheel is one thirty five meters high, making it three times higher as compared to the Tower Bridge. Tourists can visit this great wheel every day except the Christmas day and between days in which it is repaired annually.

In a nutshell, London Eye is an awe-inspiring place to visit especially in the summer vacations where different events, musical concerts and night parties are arranged to enjoy every bit of your vacations. Haven’t you visited yet? Make a plan to visit it with your family and friends.

Stratford-Upon-Avon is Shakespeare’s Country

Stratford-upon-Avon, is a municipality by River Avon into south Warwickshire. “Stratford” is usage in location to local town, though “upon-Avon” is additional to include the complete district. Devising Anglo-Saxon origins, and increasing up as a marketplace town in primitive times, the city now has populace of approximately 23,676. Stratford-upon-Avon, wrinkled with Elizabethan streets, concealed alleyways and scattered with spaces of interest, is maximum famous for creature the origin of William Shakespeare, and gets millions of tourists each year from entirely the whole world.

The neighboring airport, Birmingham Airport, whichever aids trips to all over UK, European and international terminuses, is around 35 minutes’ drive since Stratford-upon-Avon. The city is also inside easy entrance from intersection 15 of M40 Boulevard, and has decent rail relations since Birmingham’s Snow Hill situationand from London (about seven uninterrupted trains a daytime from Marylebone). By way of for public conveyance, local bus facilities are accessible, as well as open-top traveler buses that track daily with trip guides as long as explanation on the numerous sites sideways the way.

stratford-upon-avon bridge

Bridge Highway is Stratford-upon-Avon’s essential street, housing practically all the divisions of maximum of the huge chain stores. High Boulevard and Wood Highway also have severalbig department stores, in addition to fashionable discrete shops. Accompanied by Bridge Highway, Sheep Boulevard has several of the greatestinns, eateries, and additional dining places in town. These two boulevards are also home-based to the maximum-visited outdatedinns in Stratford-upon-Avon, contribution real ales, carveries and a top qualitytariff at a rational cost.

The most widespread tourist allures in Stratford-upon-Avon comprise Shakespeare Possessions, which comprises Shakespeare’s Origin, Nash’s House, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Hall’s Croft, and Mary Arden’s House; housing works of contemporary British artists, Priory Gallery and specializing in oils, watercolors and monument; Ragley Hall, exhibiting a fine assortment of furniture, pottery, canvases and silk wall-covers dating hindmost to 1680; Europe’s largest butterfly farm; Butterfly Farm, Royal Shakespeare Theatre which is assembled in 1926, performing the Swan Theatre, founded on theatre-scheme of Shakespeare’s period; and Falstaff’s Knowledge, a gallery that types anexclusiveappearance at the antiquity of the province and the nation.

Termed after Dr. John Gallery, the Halls Croft is anactually gorgeous 16th Century house that comprises exciting furniture and paintings.

The numerous guest houses, Bed and Breakfasts are positioned mainly in and about the town Centre, and they propose the highest selection of housing. There are likewise numerous comfortable hotels in Centre, and maximum of them are inside easy access from Midlands highway network. The delightful villages neighboring the town Centre also house rationally priced housing for those who desire to discharge from noise.

Stratford-upon-Avon is also masses to some prevalent events and centenaries in Warwickshire, for example Shakespeare’s Birthday Festivity, which is detained on the Saturday neighboring to April 23; Poetry Fiesta, held at Shakespeare Centre and Shakespeare Institute in August and July ; Intercontinental Flute Festival, a spherefamous flute festival presentingstudent and professional flautists of all stages; English Music Carnival, a ten-day season music musical, presenting world class performances -jazz, brass bands and classical etc; and Big Sheep Show, including demonstrations and contests in leather-constructing, barrel making and sheep shearing, in addition to sheep contests and lamb dog trials.

This lodge is the most well-known bungalows in the biosphere. This is the childhood home of wife of Shakespeare. This was possessed by descendants of Anne Hathaway till19th Century. Afascinating fact about cottage is that this still houses the innovative Anne Hathaway Divan. If you move outside cottage, you would find anattractive garden with plants and aattractive sculpture. Resembling the Halls Croft, the bungalow is only fastenedthroughout 23rd to 26th December.

If you emanate to Stratford-upon-Avon you must stopover river Avon, owing to which the city got its designation. You could go for ship trip to get earlier to this delightful river or you could walk beside this. You walk alongside the river or you yield a boat journey, you would certainly see numerous worth sighted sights in together cases. You might also find numerous live performers from Royal Shakespeare Theatre nearby the river.

Shakespeare’s Birthplace is possibly the most stayed place of town of Stratford-upon-Avon. He took birth in 1564 in t half-timbered household and the household was possessed by family till the 19th era. The house provides avision of life of William Shakespeare from his infant. The household also comprises Shakespeare demonstration which gives comprehensive info about the exertion of Shakespeare. The house comprises a gorgeous garden and this is sweeping for all days of work except 23rd to 26th of December.

Things To Do In Bradford – Place That You Really Have To Visit

Things to do in Bradford propose endless potentials. For a countless outing at Bradford, Yorkshire, the choices are limitless, with galleries, cinema, theatre, museums, and shop amongst just several of the Bradford region’s attractions to stay. Several of Yorkshire’s greatest attractions could be created in Bradford counting the Impressions Gallery, National Media Museum and Industrial Museum.

Close to UNESCO World Heritage Site, Saltaire is the perfect instance of Victorian community. Nowadays Salts Mill is home-based to the largest gatherings of David Hockney’s effort.

Manor House Art Gallery & Museum

manor house art gallery

Positioned within the attractive surrounds of Wharfe Vale, the Ilkley’s oldest buildings are the Manor House, has been rehabilitated into the nice-looking art gallery and museum. On ground floor people are given a sign into the Ilkley’s historical while the 1st floor galleries offer the location for a frequently changing programed of provisional exhibitions.

Police Museum

Black Maria 1876, 60’s adaptable, cells from dissimilar periods in past in addition to forensics and contemporary sciences. All the exhibits are exclusive to the racings of Yorkshire counting swords, crime intelligences and crime act doc from the year of 1929 to 1960’s.

Walking in Yorkshire

Bradford district has loads to offer hikers. Breathtaking scenery could be originated throughout the region from Ilkley Moor, to a rug of nice-looking bluebells in the Middleton Woods in May to dramatic moors for Brontë Country. There are numerous walking routes and trails and here you would find downloadable walking ways for several of Yorkshire’s optimum scenery.

Ilkley in Yorkshire Dales devises also been lately called a Walkers are Tranquil town. Enclosed by lovely scenery Ilkley is faultless place for heavy-duty and the city is dedicated to welcoming hikers in addition to having a profusion of well-preserved walking ways for all capabilities.

Bradford City Park

bradford city park, bradford, west yorkshire

Bradford’s city park is vivid new high-technical water characteristics, the main of its sort in UK.
City Park has numerous moods. This could be a cool, calm and hazy space, a vast, reflective wet mirror, squirting, a bubbling, and stamping fountain show, a dazzlingly lit aqueous communicating laser art work or a deafening water jet, shooting over 30 meters into air.

City Park is a countless place to reduce, meet family or friends and enjoy breath of additional air. You could relish some alfresco feasting in surrounding restaurants and cafes or stopover Bradford 1 Gallery and Impressions Gallery which are almost City Park. There are loads of possessions to fix in Bradford as well as loads of events.

Bronte Parsonage Museum

The Brontes are world’s greatest famous fictional family and Haworth Parsonage had been their home from the year of 1820 to 1861. Emily, Charlotte and Anne Bronte remained the writers of some of best precious books in English language.

The attractively preserved gallery has been inaugural its entrances to companies for over seventy five years. Set among the unique community of Haworth, and wild heath beyond, this informal Georgian home still recalls the situations of Brontes’ time.

Peace Museum

The Concord Museum inhabits three minor, unique porticoes in one of Bradford’s numerous fine Victorian structures. This is the one and only credited museum of the situation’s sort in UK. The Peace Museum is the member of International Network of Galleries for Peacetime.

The antiquity of peace is frequently un-told. Peace Museum highlights the landings of the uncountable number of persons who have functioned to transport an end to fanaticism, violence, inequality, conflict & who have tried to create peace, understanding and cohesion.

Bolling Hall

bolling hall, bradford, west yorkshire

Bolling Hall proposes visitors a captivating journey over the lives and eras of Bradford relations for whom this provided a home-based over 5 hundred years.

Positioned just a mile after Bradford city center and located in a quiet, Bolling Hall, leafy garden was for numerous years the chair of 2 important the Bollings, land-owning families, and Tempests.

Cliffe Castle Museum

Cliffe Castle Gallery was initially the spectacular hall of Victorian fabric billionaire, Henry Isaac Butterfield. This stands in nice-looking landscaped lands with café, aviaries, greenhouses and a kids’‚ play zone.

The household is nowadays a large gallery with an extensive diversity of displays. Those comprise an array of impressive minerals, fossils, local rocks, animals and mounted birds, Victorian response rooms with equipment from Albert Museum and Victoria, infrequent William Morris tainted glass, toys, costume and national galleries and items dedicated to the antiquity of Keighley.

There are likewise miles and miles of attractive countryside to explore. Walk on Ilkley Moor and Visit Ilkley or see the deserted moors that enthuse Brontë Sisters. You could learn additional about the lives at Brontë Parsonage Museum.

Top 5 Things to See in Liverpool

Liverpool was once the gateway to the New World, with a long and chequered history particularly in mercantilism and maritime trade, the city has serviced the United Kingdom for centuries. During the eighteenth century, the port city was most renowned for its involvement in the slave trade, transporting slaves to the West Indies and bringing back exotic imports, most notably bananas. Since the abolition of slavery however, Liverpool’s focus was on shipping the tons of wool and textiles from the heartlands of the UK across the world. In the 1960s, Liverpool became famous for a different reason: The Beatles and as such is one of the nation’s most visited cities, drawing tourists from across the globe to the iconic Beatlemania attractions.

Here is a brief list of five locations in the city that any tourist should put enthusiastically on to their itinerary.

Albert Dock

albert dock, liverpool

Constructed from the stones of the old Liverpool Castle, the Albert Dock was key to Liverpool’s merchant success. Using sophisticated technology at the time, Albert Dock transformed the city into a state of the art landing stage for the thousands of visitors and domestic merchants, facilitating the cities growth. With the decline of the shipping trade in the 20th Century, coupled with damage caused during WW2, the Albert Dock fell into disarray. However, thanks to a rejuvenation project in the ‘80s the Albert Dock is now teeming with tourist attractions. A branch of the world famous Tate Modern art gallery sits on the site attracting contemporary artists to hold their exhibitions here. In addition is a world renowned Maritime museum that records the history of Liverpool as a significant shipping port. Finally, for those of a more musical bent, visitors can also look around the Beatle’s Story – a museum all about the origins and success of The Beatles.

The Three Graces

three graces, liverpool

Standing proud and tall are Liverpool’s most iconic structures, the Three Graces. The Cunard Building, Liver Building and the Port of Liverpool building were constructed at the turn of the last century as administration centres for the vast shipping trade. As such they sit overlooking the Pier Head and the River Mersey and are unmistakable in their pseudo American architecture. Atop the Liver Building’s two spires are the Liver Birds, two giant statues of the fictional bird that is synonymous with the city. It is said that the female bird, that is looking out to the sea is to guide sailors home, whereas the male bird, facing the city is in fact looking to see when the pubs are open! Visitors to Liverpool should not miss these grand buildings, if nothing else to provide fantastic photo opportunities.

Liverpool One

liverpool one

A modern inner city redevelopment, Liverpool One provides one of the most varied and comprehensive shopping experiences in the country. A predominantly outdoor concourse allows access to the main gallery of shops that includes many famous high street and designer brands. In addition, the top tier contains many high quality restaurants, a gargantuan cinema and the vestiges of Chavasse Park, which the development was built upon. All of which ensures that there will always be something to do when visiting the city.

The Cavern Quarter

Situated in the heart of Liverpool, is the Cavern Quarter. This is where not only The Beatles first began but also many other world famous recording artists such as The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Queen and The Who have performed in the eponymous Cavern Club. Since then, the Cavern Quarter has been central to Liverpool’s burgeoning musical influence across the globe and therefore should not be missed by any cultural tourist to the city.

The Two Cathedrals

Hope Street is the only street in the world where you can find two cathedrals. At one end is the foreboding Anglican Cathedral, completed in 1978 with one of the tallest spires of any church in the world and at the other end is the Metropolitan Cathedral, the primary domination of which is Catholicism. Both are significant in defining the culture of Liverpool as the city has a deep religious background, which has contributed to the wealth of culture that has made the city so famous.

These five locations merely skim the surface of the variety of sightseeing locations for any visitor to Liverpool, but they provide a good starting point to making a rounded view of all the aspects of the city.

Oxford & Cambridge: The University Rivals

oxford university

Oxford University

Oxford University is the oldest university in English-speaking language to have been founded. Their rich educational history has produced numerous great minds which has greatly contributed in different specialized academic fields. This university is also the home of two of the most prestigious college scholarship worldwide, the Clarendon Scholarships and Rhodes Scholarship.

Cambridge University

The second oldest university next to Oxford. Founded by scholars leaving Oxford caused by a dispute against townsfolk. Currently, Cambridge has 31 colleges and 6 academic schools under their supervision. The prestige this university brings is shown in their multiple Nobel prize awardees counting to 89 as of today.

History of their Rivalry

Both Universities have a rich history of rivalry tracing back to more than 800 years ago. Everything started since 1208, when a group of scholars separated from Oxford due to hostile townsmen in the area. They founded Cambridge in order to compete with what Oxford has to offer. There are only two top universities at that time which is Oxford and Cambridge university which is why they always want to excel over the other. Since then, both universities tried its best in competing to be on top of the other. Not only that they are rivals in the education field but as well as sports competitions.

cambridge university uk

Oxford or Cambridge?

*Information provided below came from an online worldwide university ranking website

• World Rankings – Currently, Cambridge is ranked #2 on top performing universities worldwide with Oxford trailing at the #5 spot. But, both universities has their own fields on which they excel in. Cambridge boasts its faculty members that are highly recognized on their special fields and presents a stronger research capability. On the other hand, Oxford is known for their decent faculty-student ratio that allows faculty staffs to focus more effectively on their students.

• Academic Reputation – Cambridge is known for their excellence in the field of natural sciences, medicine, life sciences and engineering. While Oxford is more on the arts and humanities and social studies.

• International Admission – International admission for Oxford are held in UK or thru internet conversation via Skype. Whereas for Cambridge, they have remote admission centers worldwide. Recently they have these centers located in China, Canada, Singapore, Pakistan, Hong-Kong, Malaysia and India.

What are their things in common?

The competition between both universities has been found to be very healthy with respect to the quality of Education in England. Both universities offer quality amenities and services that every student would really love. Here are some of the features theses two top universities share in common.

• Publishing or Printing Press Facilities (The Cambridge University Press and the Oxford University Press)

• Debating groups ( The Oxford Union and The Cambridge Union)

• Libraries that offer a huge selection of original and informative books for research. (The Bodleian and The Cambridge University Library)

• Campus Museums (The Ashmolean and The Fitzwilliam)

• Botanical gardens ( University of Oxford Botanic Garden and The Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

Both universities offer Undergraduate and Graduate specialty courses. With their reputation and involvement in many awarding bodies for academic excellence these two universities is surely a win-win deal for any enrollee.

A Short Trip to France

France is one country that attracts millions of people from all over the world. Its vibrant mix of historical and contemporary sights, the arts, the culture, and the food are things visitors love about France, and this does not spare even those just across the channel. Over 17 million visitors from the UK each year go to France for some R&R. The most obvious reason apart from UK being near France is the Channel Tunnel, which makes it possible for British visitors to spend a lot of time in the home of the Eiffel Tower, the most expensive wines, and croissants.

As mentioned earlier, the influx of people from the UK visiting France can be partly attributed to the presence of the Channel Tunnel. The idea of the tunnel was thought of as early as the early 1800s. But it was not until more than a century later that actual construction of the tunnel took place, in 1974. Both sides started on the project, but the Brits backed out very shortly after the project commenced because of financial difficulties. In 1985, a new development took place when both governments asked for submissions for designs of a new tunnel.


Actual construction began in 1987, and finally in 1993, the Channel Tunnel opened its “doors” on ends, changing travel, trading, and overall relations between the two countries, as well, as between the UK and the entire European mainland. The tunnels (actually there are three of them, two main and one service tunnel) stretch 51 kilometers and close to 38 kilometers of it is underwater.

In the Channel Tunnel

With the presence of the Channel Tunnel or the Eurotunnel, travelling from the UK to France can be done through driving a car, hopping in a train, or riding a bus. Driving times usually take 35 minutes to an hour, but a full hour on Le Channel is already a stretch. From the UK, you will start driving from Kent, particularly Folkestone, and end up in Coquelles, France, just outside the bigger town of Calais. For those who are interested in taking the train to travel the Chunnel’s length, the high speed Eurostar is a great option, for as low as £89.50 for 1 adult.

Calais Frethun

A London to Paris direct train ride will take, on the average, two and a half hours. There is also the Eurolines bus service from London to Paris, costing £19 one way, usually taking 9 hours. Thus, looking at the times, getting to France is really fast, that is if you are in Folkestone already. If you are in London, the trip from Victoria Station to Folkestone takes a lot of time, more than twice the time to get from the Kent town to France. Also, once you’re in Calais, travelling to Paris is also a time drain.


Now, what are some of the great things to do when in France? Obviously, getting as much art, culture, fashion, and cuisine are top priorities, but there is more to France to see and do that not a lot of people know about. Here are some things you can do in France aside from the usual shopping, dining, picture taking, and museum and historical building-hopping:

Exploring Snowy Slopes

Val d'Isere

When people think of the Alps, they usually think of one country: Switzerland. However, the Alps mountain range extends as far as France in the west and Italy in the southeast. Moreover, there are other places in the country that offer winter fun for the most part of the year. So, try to get some ski action on the slopes of Val d’Isère, Courcheval in Cote d’Azur, and the La Plagne (one of the sites of the Winter Olympics when it was held in Albertville).

Get Your Sweet Tooth Fix

Chocolate bars

Unknown to a lot of people, French chocolate originates in the southwest portion of the country, not in the central or northern portions of France close to other chocolate hubs like Belgium and Switzerland. To taste authentic French chocolate, you have to travel to the Pyrenees, in the Basque Country that borders Spain. You will find the historical town of Bayonne, where expelled Jews from the Iberian Peninsula settled and transformed cocoa beans to the delectable concoction. Famous chocolatiers in the area include Cazenave, Daranatz, and Pariès, all of which still use the same traditional machinery they have had since the 1800s, when they started.

Get an Ancient History Lesson

Dordogne Region, Les Eyzies, Grotte des Combarelles

France is a cradle of rich history, particularly of the Dark Ages, Renaissance to revolutions that made it one of the first republics of the modern world. However, did you know that pre-historic paintings were found in France as well? Lascaux cave, in the Vezere Valley of the Dordogne, is home to cavemen paintings that were unfortunately destroyed by tourists thinking it was graffiti. Since the actual caves have been closed since the 1960s, you can look at other ancient cave paintings on other sites like the Grotte des Combarelles and the Abri du Poisson.

Eating Around The World in London

London is as culturally diverse as any city could be. With so many people from all around the world flocking in to this eternally hip city to explore the sights, experience the sounds, or to permanently relocate, it is no wonder that its gastronomic scene has gotten very interesting. You cannot be in London and run out of places to eat! There is surely a restaurant for you, no matter what your palate craves or what cuisine you are pining for.

Here are some exciting places you should consider when looking for restaurants that serve particular dishes from some exotic part of the world:

West African in South London (Elephant & Castle)

jollof rice

For those who are in the mood for unusual but simple food with rich flavours, West African cuisine is definitely worth a try. South London, particularly Elephant & Castle teems with so many options on places to eat for those wanting a taste of food from the 16 West African countries. The strong presence of Nigerian and Ghanaian immigrants longing for staples such as Fufu, Groundnut Stew, Jollof rice or Benachin will feel right at home in Elephant & Castle.

We recommend: 805 Bar Restaurant on Old Kent Road

Turkish in Dalston


When you think of “Turkish cuisine,” you may conjure images of a lovechild between Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. That would be quite accurate, with the predominance of leafy vegetables, grilled skewered meats, and lots of olive oil in Turkish food. You can definitely get your fill of favorites like Yaprak Sarma (wine leaves filled with rice, onion, and spices), Cacik (thick yoghurt with refreshing mint, garlic, and shredded cucumber), and of course, lamb or beef Kebabs (skewered meat grilled over charcoal).

We recommend: Hasan Meze Mangal on Stoke Newington Road and Somine on Kingsland High Street

Colombian in Brixton

Colombian cuisine is quite diverse, with the country having an extensive coastline in both the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean and a border with the Brazilian Amazon. Although Colombian food may not be as popular as Mexican or other Latin American cuisines, it is still definitely worth trying because of its flavour-packed offerings. For the uninitiated, the two most important dishes to try would be the Bandeja paisa (a huge platter that includes pork belly, sausage, minced meat, plantain, avocado, a bowl of beans, and the staple arepa, the local cornmeal) and Ajiaco (a green soup with chicken , potato, sour cream, and avocado, hence the color).

We recommend: El Rancho de Lalo on Granville Arcade

Lebanese in Edgware Road

lentil tabbouleh

Can you be right in saying that Lebanese food is practically just another variation of Middle Eastern cuisine? In a way, yes, but Lebanese food can also be distinct with its liberal use of whole grain, starch, fruits, veggies, seafood, and lamb. If you are looking to get a taste of Falafel (ground chickpea patties), Tabbouleh (diced parsley salad), and Samkeh Harrah (grilled fish marinated in citrus, cilantro, and chili), you might see these in other Middle Eastern cuisines, but the Lebanese pride themselves with having the best versions!

Recommended restaurants: Maroush on 21 Edgware Road and Sidi Maarouf on 56-58 Edgware Road

Vietnamese in Shoreditch

banh xeo

For those who want their food fresh and light, then Vietnamese cuisine is just about right! Known to be extensive in the use of fresh herbs and spices, eating Vietnamese feels very healthy, with very simple cooking methods and minimal oil used. Essentials for a complete Vietnamese eating experience are Pho (rice noodles, herbs and chicken or beef in salty broth), Cha ca (sizzling fish with ginger, turmeric, dill, and garlic served on a hot pan), and Banh xeo (a crepe rolled with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts, and herbs).

We recommend: Mien Tay and Song Que, both on Kingsland Road